Alright. So the question is, “Are you officially a knitter when you get a wee bit giggly, adrenalin rushy, and over-the-top over whether the gauge with turn out right?” If the answer is yes, I’m officially a knitter. So I really like the yarn and the pattern. I tell you, this tam might be the death of me. If I got that excited over the swatch? This doesn’t bode well.

Not to mention I’m suffering from a little beginning knitter’s naivety. On being told that my gauge was seven and a half stitches per inch instead of eight, I promptly thought I would have to knit more loosely. Because, as everyone knows, if you want seven and half to become eight, you have to add.

I’ll just leave that one alone for awhile.

And speaking of not boding well, I got smart and decided to sample a yarn. Remember the fall fleece/green silk blend I was going to do? Well, I tried a little piece to see how it looks.

Scratch That

Scratch That

The two textures do not go well together at all. Colors—so so, textures—no. So, I now have some very nice fall fleece to turn into a fall fleece yarn, and some very nice spindle-spun silk to do something with. I don’t know what.

I think it’ll wind up at about three ounces of fleece. If I like how it turns out in singles I can always dye more, then when I ply I’ll just trade out between balls. That way it won’t matter if my dye lot shifts a bit. balloffall

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  1. outandin
    May 4, 2009 | 6:43 pm

    Officially a knitter, huh? Welcome!

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