It’s been rumored and hinted at, long in the making, and longer in person. dsc01323
It’s the alpaca scarf! Isn’t it gorgeous? It’s so squishy! My sister knit it for me. Thank you again, Mama Mentor, for the beautiful fiber. The yarn was very fun to spin. In fact, if I close my eyes I can still feel the alpaca pulling through my fingers. Ahhhhhh. For the record, it turned out as a sportish weight three ply, spun on the Walking Wheel.

And, though not quite as impressive, here’s the finished merino/silk scarf. My first big knit project. (If you don’t count the little red scarf, which didn’t involve yarnovers.) It’s almost done blocking, and it turned out huge. It’s really more of a narrow wrap than a scarf. But I like it.

If you’re wondering, the tam hasn’t dropped off the face of the earth. I’ve worked on it a bit. The dyeing has taken up a lot of my attention, but I haven’t forgotten it! In fact, I’ve graduated in my “knitter-ness.” I’ve thought about bringing the project with me on two occasions, decided not to, and regretted it. Maybe I should just strap the project bag to myself.

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  1. Mama Mentor
    May 7, 2009 | 6:29 pm

    Never leave the knitting behind! You can always choose NOT to knit if you don’t want to. But if you WANT to knit, and you didn’t bring your knitting, you’re up the proverbial crick!

    I’m so glad the alpaca turned out so nicely. Your sister did a superb job on the scarf–but then I knew she would!

    And your scarf is lovely too. And versatile! A scarf or a wrap. Multi-purpose is good!

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