Long and Silky

I’ve been playing with the alpaca fleece some more! In fact, I’m getting really close to having all the best parts carded up. See my nice pile of rolags?

Carded Alpaca

Carded Alpaca

It was wonderful to switch back to alpaca after heavy crimp fleece. It’s so light! And a bit on the static-y side. The fleece sproings. The alpaca floats.

And, while it isn’t exactly silky, here is what the flax stuff looks like up close.

A Cheap Wig

A Cheap Wig

This is flax roving, not to be confused with flax strick or line flax. It’s little pieces of chopped up, coarse flax fibers strung out into roving. (In texture it’s rather like one of those dress-up wigs.) Strands of three-feet long fiber would be considered the normal version of spin-able flax.

The roving was fairly inexpensive, and it was the only white kind the place I was ordering from had. I wanted white because (A) it was pretty, and (B) my dyes only work on protein fibers, so whatever color flax I got was the color it was staying. Unless I wanted to try natural dyeing on it . . . hmm . . . indigo linen . . . No, no, white bag.

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  1. outandin
    April 8, 2009 | 9:59 pm

    I will be interested to hear what spinning flax is like compared to spinning wool or alpaca. I love linen and in fact prefer it knitted over woven because I hate ironing!

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