Try Two

Well, I clearly over-set my goals for the last “break.” Here I am, well into my second break and I didn’t “finish” much of my list. The white scarf is coming along nicely, though. Here it is after starting it twice, and a little help from my knitting sister.

Merino Scarf

Merino Scarf

The pattern is very easy to remember. And, as a bonus, it’s getting easier to work with the needles. For awhile there it looked very bleak. I’d either be knitting like I was trying to tie two short hairs into a knot, or flinging loops about with sudden abandon. It’s just taking a lot longer than crocheting. And, like anything I’m new at, it requires a certain level of concentration.

The sweater is dry now! I’ll get some pictures up soon. And the red yarn is ready for knitting, as soon as I figure out what pattern I want to do. Something simple, but not too simple.
Oh, and I still have to finish plying the second half of the merino/silk yarn.

I got to thinking about the massive pile of still-dirty fleece I have left, and thought it might be nice to get it all cleaned up before we take any trips. I really don’t want to come back and find the “m” things enjoying themselves. Wait, is it the moths that eat it or their young? Anyway, I wonder if getting it all washed soon is physically possible. Well, we shall see!

Oh, and on a happy note, I spent an afternoon transplanting little seedlings to bigger pots. Here are some of my baby marigolds, waiting to grow into big, strong dye plants. The camera was acting up, so everything looks a little redder than it actually is.



2 Responses to Try Two
  1. Sarah
    March 23, 2009 | 8:55 pm

    The scarf is gorgeous! Keep up the good work!

  2. outandin
    March 24, 2009 | 12:41 am

    Great job on your knitting! Yes, it is slower, but it uses a lot less yarn, which is definitely a plus sometimes.

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