All Spruced Up

I must say, this yarn has grown on me. When it arrived in roving form I was a bit skeptical of its turning out well. It’s a heathered blueish-green. Very deep and rich in tone, but with a hint of gray. (For fellow spinners, this is the Ashland Bay “Mountain Meadow” top. Drafts well, and spins up nicely. I got mine from Copper Moose. In other places it might be listed as “Blue Green Colonial Top.”)

Heathered Yarn

Heathered Yarn

It’s almost eight ounces worth. I tried to spin some of this on the drop spindle, but then decided to spin it on the Saxony wheel.

Deep, Deep, Green

Deep, Deep Green

Only to discover that I’d been spinning the drop spindle opposite to the way I was spinning on the wheel. Holding pre-drafted, pre-spun “yarn” while waiting for the wheel to unwind, tug, and wind the other way doesn’t work so well. I think I lost maybe an ounce. Anyway, I got three nice skeins out of it. They’re the now-signature three-ply light worsted weight.

I was surprised at how all those different colors could turn in to green. There were all sorts of colorful streaks through the roving. In this picture the camera makes the green look lighter, but you can see some of the other colors in it. Neat, eh?

Color Messing

Color Messing

One Response to All Spruced Up
  1. Whitney
    December 4, 2008 | 4:55 pm

    Those are pretty! The color reminds me of evergreen trees.

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