Twist and Shout

I finally got around to setting the twist in all the yarn I’ve squirrelled away.

My aunt and I set up an assembly line and ran all fifteen skeins through, (having fun the whole time, of course). We dunked a skein into a pot of hot water and dishwashing liquid, then rinsed it out in the sink with some more hot water, and repeated once more. Then we hung the wet skein on a laundry rack to dry. Even though I pressed most of the water out of the skein before we hung it up, by the time we finished, the towel under the rack was wet, and we had to press the skeins dry again.

A couple of them bled into the wash water a bit. The pink varigated one bled the most. The water had a definite red cast to it. Odd. Anyway, now they are all hanging up in a row to dry. Well, sort of a row. They’re hanging wherever I could find a spot on the rack to hang them.

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