A Crimson Tide

We interrupt this broadcast of purchased fiber with a spinning project update.

You might remember the wool I kettle dyed while my aunt was here. (See Dyed in the Wool) When I finally got around to carding it I realized that I had accidentaly felted over half of it in the final rinse. Mental note to self: Do not try to work the soap into the wool, even gently. It creates a mess.

But, thank the Lord, I salvaged a nice bundle of fiber.

Carded Wool

Carded Wool

It’s amazing how much red dust came out of that stuff while I was carding. I sit on the floor when I card, so my feet would end up coated. It looked like I’d broken out into a really heavy rash. The dust would then blow off my feet (or get brushed off) and vanish into the carpet. I have this mental image of someday, after years of carding, someone will spill a mug of hot water onto the floor, and an enormous stain will rise from the depths of the floor and start spreading. Not a pretty image.

I’m spinning this into singles on my wheel, and then plying them on the mega drop spindle. Yes, I’m navajo plying it again. I like that method, and it works well. As a plus, it helps keep the subtle color shifts together. I rather like the way the red changes from red red to crimson, to burgundy, to almost purple, and back again.

Red Single on the Bobbin

Red Single on the Bobbin

I had hoped to use the finished yarn in a shawl pattern that I found on Ravelry, but it’s looking like I won’t have quite enough yarn. We shall have to wait and see. I’ve still got half the singles to spin.

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  1. Mama Mentor
    October 28, 2008 | 7:13 pm

    I love those rich red colors. Just looking at them makes me feel warm! And those colors will look so good with your coloring too.

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